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Multiple First Aiders Ready to Help

Multiple First Aiders Ready to Help

The content of the course is very practical and included role play, discussion and hands-on practice with a resuscitation dummy. The starting point was to practice making a 999 call; working in pairs each person took a turn at being either the emergency services operator or the person making the phone call. We also learnt when it was appropriate to make a 111 call for advice.

Jo had photographs of the sort of first aid emergencies we might encounter in our daily lives and in groups we identified what the emergency was and how common, every day items such as scarves, jumpers and frozen peas could be used to give immediate first aid until the emergency services arrived. We also learnt how important it was to talk to, and re-assure the injured person.

The use of the recovery position was the next area studied and the group split off into pairs again to practice putting each other into the recovery position.


The training session ended with learning how to give chest compressions to a casualty who had stopped breathing, this was practiced using a resuscitation dummy.


Jo was a great trainer and her lively delivery kept everyone alert and engaged and she was impressed with the depth of thought everyone contributed to the discussion. Everyone really enjoyed the hands on nature of the course and all felt confident that they would now be able to call the emergency services for help and then provide first aid while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. 

On completion of the course each person was awarded a certificate and a set of photographs as a reminder of the skills learnt and practiced.