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New arrivals of the four-legged variety

New arrivals of the four-legged variety

The eldest of the calves is a girl named Minnie becaues she was born quite small to her first-time mother. Her stable companion and playmate has been given the name Romeo by staff who have fallen for his good looks and friendly nature.

                     Romeo                                                                              Minnie

While Romeo and Minnie are brown/red in colour with white markings the other three calves are a mixture of brown, red and white.

The two calves, pictured below, were born in the same week making it a very busy time! A farm team from Botton were also visiting that week and said they would be interested in using one of the males as a breeding bull (just like their dad Elvis). We shall keep a close eye on his progress and he just might have all the characteristics a good breeding bull needs.


One day old                                                                                    Eileen and second youngest

As you may have already guessed dad Elvis is Larchfield's breeding bull. He is known for his good nature and good looks. Thanks to Elvis all of Larchfield's cows are pregnant and the next calf is expected in about a month's time. Ten more calves are due later in the year which will keep everyone on the farm very busy especially with lambing season fast approaching.