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New biomass boiler for Larchfield

New biomass boiler for Larchfield

Camphill Village Trust has been looking into the amount of energy it uses throughout its communities and with the favourable grants currently available it was decided that there was a good case to justify spending money on biomass boilers to supply each community with its heating and hot water needs plus the bulk purchase of pellets to fuel the boilers would be another economic advantage.

The pellet hopper

Jason Phillips and his team visited Larchfield to see if an additional biomass boiler would be a viable solution. While it was not possible to have this kind of energy provision throughout the community it was deemed to be a suitable option for Daffodil, Sylbury, Hawthorn, Roseberry, Teyva and the main building which includes the bakery. The best area for the new biomass boiler was concluded to be near the preparation shed which would allow the delivery wagons access to blow the pellets into the hopper and avoid blocking the access road.

            Some of the pipework leading to Daffodil House                          The boiler room

Once the decision was made to install a biomass boiler it was all systems go! The engineers arrived early in January and began the task of putting pipes underground from the site of the boiler to the various buildings. There has been a lot of disruption (and mud) as long, deep trenches had to be dug to take the insulated pipes. The next step will be to remove the existing gas boilers and replace them with heat exchange units that enable hot water and heating to enter the houses thus saving the money previously spent on gas.

Everyone has been very patient and good humoured about the significant disruption and the workmen are always given a cheery welcome by the community members and day placements.