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Sisters United

Sisters United

During the meeting there is always a range of fun activities alongside some discussion or group work that promotes choice, having a voice and independence. Amongst other things, this session tackled problem solving and up-cycling old CD cases into stained glass windows with Sharpie pens.


The highlight of the meeting was when community members and day placements who work on the farm brought two of the pet lambs into the hall. The lambs were hungry and some of the women eagerly took up the opportunity to bottle feed them. The lambs were described as 'gorgeous, friendly and tame, soft, fluffy, woolly, smooth and greedy!' Some members of the group use wheelchairs so the lambs were taken to them to cuddle and stroke.


Everyone brings either a packed lunch or buys lunch from the cafe and at 12.30 we settle down to eat and chat - this social element of the group is just as important as the activities and there is always plenty of laughter in the room.

As our time together came to an end the group came up with suggestions for activities and visitors for future meetings. Amongst the list was; more animals coming to visit - perhaps from an animal shelter, learning how to ballroom dance, having a hairdresser visit, to learn more about healthy eating and have a fireman come to talk to the group. The next meeting is scheduled to take place in June.