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The Power of Love

The Power of Love

Sarah heard about the chicken and rang the garden workshop to see if it was still alive.  It was and in a straw-lined box being carefully looked after by Stephanie Long until a decision was made about what to do. Sarah who already has a menagerie of 62 animals at home is an experienced chicken keeper and asked if she could take the chicken home to see if it could be saved.

Named 'Lilly Savage' the chicken spent its first two days in a dog cage on Sarah's dining room table in order to rest before being taken to the vet for a consultation. Painkillers and antibiotics were prescribed with another appointment being made for an x-ray three days later. The x-ray would likely determine Lilly Savage's fate as to whether the leg could be reset if it was broken. By Monday Lilly Savage started to show a healthy interest in the gourmet breakfast offered by Sarah - a meal of scrambled eggs, honey, mealworms and blueberries. By that evening, when Sarah returned home from work, Lilly started 'talking' to Sarah and was so hungry that she popped her head through the bars of the cage and tucked in before Sarah could get the food dish into the cage.

At this point Sarah relied on her instinct and experience with chickens and phoned the vet to put the x-ray on hold as Lilly was now not in pain and quite lively so she didn't feel it was a good idea to put Lilly under the pressure of being transported and held for the x-ray. Throughout the following week Lilly continued to enjoy her tasty meals and was now introduced to some physiotherapy! To do this Sarah took Lilly outside and sat her on her knee in a way that allowed Lilly's legs to dangle down without any pressure on them and then gently massaged the legs. The love, rest, massage and good food paid off as Lilly started to tentatively put some weight onto her injured leg, she still needs to have a sit down after about ten minutes but continues to get stronger.

The latest report is that Lilly now stands up to get her food and water, spends time in a chicken run during the day and then back into the cage on Sarah's dining room table for a cosy night's rest.

For one little egg-laying chicken who suffered such cruelty she now has a loving and very luxurious life-style. Eventually Lilly will join Sarah's other chickens and will have plenty of company to scratch around with.

A big thank-you from all at Larchfield to Sarah for stepping in and giving so much of her time and love to Lilly.