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Visitors from the Special Olympics

Visitors from the Special Olympics

Andrew told us that being involved in the Special Olympics movement is an opportunity to take up a new sport, have fun and travel and how being part of a team opens up a new social network for the athletes, their families and friends. It was explained that a club could be set up with support from people like Andrew and that after 8 weeks of training together as a club there is the chance to compete with other local clubs and to potentially progress to regional and national levels.

Rosalyn Green is one of the Larchfield Day Placements and as a Special Olympics athlete she competed at National level in Sheffield in August 2017, achieving two silver medals for bowling. Rosalyn is a member of the Special Olympics club that meets and trains in Skelton and gave an interview for the website last year.


Jody told us about walking netball which is adapted from the original game but is slower and gives players more time to decide if they want to pass the ball or take a shot at goal. Like walking football this is a sport rapidly growing in popularity.

Andrew felt that Larchfield had the potential to set up a club with the hall being perfect for table tennis, badminton, boccia, indoor curling, floorball and walking netball. There was such a lot of enthusiasm at the meeting that the next step is to see if we can take things forward as a community with one or more of these sports.