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Get Connected

Get Connected

Eddie, Gemma and Sylvia at Delrow community are making sure they can find out what is happening across CVT by using the new CVT Connect APP.

Once they had created an account they were quickly adding a personal profile so they could tell others all about themselves.

Eddie was quick to find the sharing walls and to post a message to people from other Learn to led groups across the charity.

Sylvia particularly likes the fact that she can add her own photos and can share them with other CVT Connect members more easily.
Gemma liked looking at the profiles of other people and was keen to make sure that she shared hers with Eddie.

They plan to regularly go on the APP to find out what is happening across the charity and to share their ideas about some information about Delrow life.

CVT Connect is for all people supported by CVT communities and staff. Gemma, Eddie and Sylvia look forward to seeing your contributions there soon.