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How Cowtastic!

How Cowtastic!

To give a voice to those who live and work at Larchfield it was decided to hold a competition to design a new look for the cow. The first step was to make a blank cow template for people to showcase their ideas as to how the cow should be revamped. The templates were distributed and a box was set up outside the hall for any entries to be posted. The designs were collected in two weeks later.

14 amazing designs were entered and the designs were displayed in the main foyer area outside the hall. The designs were also printed out as a voting sheet (as displayed by Amir Taleb below) with each community member and day placement being sent an individual ballot to vote for the cow design they liked the best.

A ballot box was set up outside the main hall and again there was a period of two weeks to give everyone time to post their vote. On the 5th of September, Mike English, the General Manager, met with two representatives from the Learn to Lead team - David Swales and Paul East - to count the votes. 60 voting papers had been received and of those there were 56 eligible votes.  To begin with the votes were very close between several of the designs but gradually the design submitted by Martyn Hodkinson pulled ahead and emerged the clear winner.

Three members of the Learn to Lead Team (Ruth Godwin, Stephen McGechan and Beryl Wylie) gathered to give Martyn the good news and congratulate him. They also presented Martyn with a pottery cow as a memento of his achievement. The pottery cow came from the Delrow Community's pottery workshop which Stephen had recently visited.

    Amir showing the cow ballot sheet           


Congratulations to the Larchfield Learn to Lead Team for highlighting an area of the community where action was needed and following it through in such a democratic way. The next step will be to buy the paint ..... watch this space!