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Mind your speed!

Mind your speed!

This project arose out of the concern expressed by many community members and day placements that the on-site 10 mile an hour speed restriction was not being kept to by all staff, visitors, tradesmen and taxi drivers. It seemed that the standard 10 mile an hour sign was so familiar that drivers had become 'blind' to its presence. The Learn to Lead team invited the community to come up with ideas for new and more visually striking road signs. 

All of the design ideas submitted have now been turned into road signs and are in the process of being erected at suitable spots along the half-mile stretch of road between Teyva and Aspen Houses. 

Recycled pieces of wood were used to make the signs; they were sanded and painted white by Matthew Wingeatt and then the designs were painstakingly painted onto the boards by Paul East (seen with the signs in the photograph). The signs were then returned to Matthew who varnished them to weatherproof them.

The Learn to Lead team hope the new signs will help drivers to be more considerate and respectful when driving on site. The team are also considering sending out letters to the local taxi firms explaining the importance of keeping to the speed limit within Larchfield.