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Better Health at Work Silver Award

The North East Communities; Botton Village, The Croft and Larchfield have achieved the North East Better Health at Work Silver Award.This partnership has now been taken forward by all of the region’s twelve Local Authorities, the NHS and the Northern TUC. We have taken the award one step further than employees; because the people we support are actively involved in this award across our communities.  


Northern CVT Communities Celebration Ball 2017

We did it again… we rolled out the red carpet and had a night to remember. The night is all about - creating lasting memories and recognising outstanding achievements, as well as bringing the three Northeast communities together once again. The evening was spent singing, dancing and laughing with our friends old and new. We built new friendships and connected in happiness. We had an absolute ball!


CVT Annual Report 2017

This year, in partnership with those we support, we have gathered stories about how people  across the charity are working towards healthy lives and communities – whether that’s getting fitter, having a purpose and place in the world, discussing their wellbeing, or making friends and building relationships.