Taurus Crafts

Annual Christmas Party for Staff and Volunteers

 Annual Christmas Party for Staff and Volunteers

Taurus Crafts hosted its annual Christmas party for staff and volunteers to celebrate all the hard work this year and the theme was ‘1980’s popstars.

This year’s annual Taurus Crafts Christmas party was a great success not only on the night, but in the planning. Our PWS helped at every stage making this a great coproduction this year. We devised a system where people could select their favourite 1980’s music for the disco, choose their favourite party food, and decide which decorations would be used. We got everyone to vote and the top ten choices went through to the party.

The party was a great success with over 50 guests and crucially the end of the night was a great team effort, with staff and PWs all working together to turn ‘Taurus Party’ back into ‘Taurus Crafts’ ready for visitors again on Sunday morning.

To help capture the night our budding photographer Oliver took some amazing pictures of the staff and volunteers during the party which we have included in this story and this made it a truly collaborative party from start to finish.