Taurus Crafts

A day in the life of Brian, Cathy and Susie

A day in the life of Brian, Cathy and Susie

Taurus Crafts were approached by a local student, Gweniver Exton, who is studying Photojournalism and Documentary Photographer at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham. Her project documented a day in the life of Brian, Cathy and Susie who are community members at Taurus Crafts.

With her documentary project her intentions were to create imagery that “looks past their disability, and looks instead at how the community has helped and encouraged them.”

Within her series of images she has explored “their roles within the community, where they work, what they do and what they love and enjoy most about their jobs”

During the capturing of the images community members were asked what is it that they value or enjoy most about working at Taurus Crafts. Brian’s response was “Being valued for who I am and appreciated for my contribution to Taurus Crafts and events held here”
Gweniver Exton’s series of images documenting the community’s member’s day to day life at Taurus Crafts will be on display later on this year in a pop up exhibition and we look forward to announcing more information on this.