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Card Compettiton Winners 2017

Card Compettiton Winners 2017

Following the success of our previous card competition we invited community members to get involved once again to create a range of some designs for a variety of greetings cards. A series of greetings card messages were provided and community members were asked to interpret these captions and create a drawing in response to the greetings card message.

At Taurus Crafts, Art Shape were asked to deliver a three week course where the people we support were invited to develop and create imagined designs inspired by their research on greetings cards. A variety of drawing techniques were used to create a range of inspired designs from lino printing, Rorschach inking & ink blowing. These were then taken into Photoshop where the artwork was manipulated and overlaid with typography to create a range of designs for greetings cards.

We are pleased to announce that we have selected the winners from the greetings card competition:
• Hannah & Kezia from St Albans community
• Jane & Paul from The Croft community
• Christina From Berith & Camphill
• Billie, Brian, Susie & Cathy from Taurus Crafts

Well done to everybody who participated and a special thanks to the charity Artshape for delivering a thoroughly enjoyable course at Taurus Crafts for the people that we support. These products will then be sold through the Taurus Crafts Gift Shop and at fellow Camphill Village Trust community shops.