Taurus Crafts

Forest Activities Festival

Forest Activities  Festival

Taurus Crafts attend the annual Forest Activity Festival, one of the biggest events of its kind in Gloucestershire attracting thousands of visitors to spend a day sampling the best activities that the Forest of Dean has to offer. Cathy Stafford the resident potter at Taurus Crafts is one of the star attractions at the activities festival. This is Cathy’s fourth year attending the showcase and showing the visitors how to use the potter’s wheel and create a pot, tea light holder or goblet. As a memento of their time on the wheel the visitors are given the pot that they created to take home.

‘This activity is at the heart of what we do, it’s creative, fun, and is a real attraction for the visitors. Cathy is a star, she runs the activity sessions and has perfected the technique for giving children confidence to express themselves and have a good time.’ Tom Haverly, Marketing coordinator