Introducing Shared Lives


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CVT are currently in the process of developing innovative regional Shared Lives Schemes based around our communities across England. Each CVT Community will act as a hub to a network of Shared Lives Arrangements, providing opportunity to take part in social events and celebrations and connect to already established relationships.

Huw John Camphill Village Trust Chief Executive 'It’s important that Camphill Village Trust is seen to be listening, and responding, to the challenges of a changing social care world. Our vision is of our communities being at the centre of a wider network of Shared Lives households offering a greater choice of housing and support. By providing Shared Lives carers and those they support opportunities in the social life of our existing communities, we will create the possibility of new relationships and connections for those in our communities, and a greater sense of mutual support for Shared Lives carers.'

Sian Lockwood OBE. Chief Executive, Community Catalysts 'I am delighted to be able to support CVT in the development of its new Shared Lives Service. A strong commitment to ensuring that each regional scheme will follow best-practice guidance, gives me complete confidence that the organisation will provide a service that stays true to Shared Lives’ underpinning principles.  Dean Barnshaw, Head of Service, is an exciting appointment. He has many years’ experience in developing and managing Shared Lives and is ambitious for the growth of the new service that will be supported by all of the CVT Communities.  I believe that within a few years we will see CVT providing high quality Shared Lives arrangements being delivered at scale. We are delighted to be able to work with Camphill Village Trust to help them set up and establish their Shared Lives service. We believe that Shared Lives families will enjoy and be enriched by the opportunity to link with their local CVT community and can in turn help to strengthen their links with the neighbourhoods within which they are situated.'

Alex Fox OBE. CEO Shared Lives Plus 'We are thrilled that there will be many more Shared Lives carers in Dudley. Shared Lives carers across the Midlands are opening up their homes and lives to many younger and older people who need flexible support for their physical or mental ill health and there is great potential for this innovative scheme to grow. We would encourage anyone who is interested to get in touch.'

Matt Holmes, Senior Practitioner,East Sussex Shared Lives Scheme writes: I have known Dean for several years and am aware that he has been a part of the Shared Lives family for many years. Recently, Dean and I were able to meet to share ideas about Shared Lives development and he was able to advise me on ways that I could improve the quality of the scheme I manage. Dean has a comprehensive knowledge of Shared Lives and more importantly is passionate about the outcomes experienced by people who use shared lives services. Dean is active in the wider shared lives community and I believe he has a clear vision of how shared lives will continue to develop in to the future. Dean has become a part of my informal support network and I value his views and continue to make best use of his knowledge. 

Working in partnership with Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, we are recruiting now in Stourbridge, Dudley and the surrounding Black Country areas.  Do you have what it takes to become a Shared Lives Carer? Could you welcome someone into your own home and support that person to lead an ‘ordinary life’ and become part of the local community. You don’t need any qualifications or experience, just the right values, commitment and of course a spare room!

Find out more about Shared Lives. If you are really interested in becoming a Shared Lives Carer, then please contact the CVT Shared Lives West Midlands Scheme on 01384 597264 or email and someone will call back at an appropriate time to speak with you further. We will then arrange to come and visit you to talk about the process more in depth. If you are still wishing to pursue the role of becoming a Shared Lives Carer, we will then supply you with an application form. - Shared Lives Plus are the national umbrella organisation for all schemes across the UK.

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